September 22, 2015

Integrated Therapy Sessions


What to Expect with Integrated Therapy

You play an important role in your individual movement plan. The Integrated Therapy Package is designed to set up a plan for continued progress and success. By being a part of your healing process you will be given the tools to be successful outside of the treatment room.  Since we will be reintegrating your nervous system, your body will first learn what is dysfunctional. You will then learn the tools to fix what’s wrong and to retrain your movement patterns with an corrective exercise program.

All sessions are participatory, meaning you and I will work together to make progress. Since the body craves movement, we will be moving at least two to three times in one therapy session and continually reassessing your progress. In each and every session we will be doing postural and movement analysis, neuromuscular and myofascial release techniques on tight muscles and mobilization of restricted joints followed by reintegration of appropriate movement patterns with your individual corrective exercise plan.

This combination will address your underlying issues and empower you to take an active role in your healing process.

Upon completing your treatment sessions you are encouraged to take part in your unique functional training program design options offered under the Program and Functional Training Options

Appointments may be booked individually by either beginning with the 45 minute Consultation, 60 minute initial consultation or 75 minute initial consultation.



Eliminate Pain and Injury Program:

75 minute Consultation and Assessment

+ Three 60 Minute Integrated Therapy Sessions

+ 60 min.  Integrated Therapy Session or Follow-up


Initial 75 minute consultation consists of:

An static and dynamic postural assessment

Client History

Your short term and long term goals


Based on your individual results we will:

  • Plan  a course of action
  • Discover the source of pain and not just treat the symptoms
  • Provide neuromuscular trigger point, myofascial release and joint mobilization as necessary
  • Provide re- patterning of the nervous system to provide function and ability to movement patterns and affected muscles
  • Introduce client self care stretches and self releases paired with strengthening exercises to continue integration of your new movement pattern.
  • To ensure exercises are performed correctly you will receive homework on how to perform each technique to be done daily.


Your 60 minute Integrated Session consists of:

A one hour session will include

  • Reassessing your previous progress and movement patterns.
  • Reviewing your self releases, stretches and corrective exercises.
  • Continuing progress by working on your movement pattern and providing neuromuscular therapy releases  and corrective exercises.


Your 45 minute Initial Consultation or Follow up:

Designed as an initial road map of one specific problem OR

A follow up of previous sessions to see what goals have been met and what to look forward to.

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