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Neurokinetic Therapy

NKT utilizes the theory of Motor Control to restore functional movement.

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Anatomy in Motion

AIM specifically uses the flow motion model to discover what movements are missing and shines a light on new possibilities.

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Active Release Technique

ART specifically targets muscles, ligaments and fascia by rapidly restoring pain-free motion and optimizing athletic performance.

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It is very important to recognize that this is a two part process in which we are working together. I do not claim to fix you passively, as no one practitioner can claim. More importantly the human body is ultimately responsible for healing. With that said, it is my ultimate goal to help bring your body back into alignment and to create an environment that promotes positive change. As pain is primarily an symtom or really just the body requesting change. I am committed to the process no matter how quick or how slow it may take. Most changes are not seen immediately and happen over a period of several sessions. Depending on how long your body has been in pain, you need to give yourself more time to address it.

  • After taking a full history, we will take postural and dynamic assessments to determine what is inhibiting pain free movement.

  • By using motor control theory we will address what is primarily causing limitations to your movement capability.

  • Together we will re-introduce new movement possibilities that were previously missing to restore balance.


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