Locomotion- The act or power of moving from place to place


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Manual Movement Therapy

Integrated therapy will get you out of pain and injury and get you back on the path to functional movement and health in your day to day life.

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Functional Movement Training

Personal and group training available specifically designed to integrate full body movements and power. As the body uses many parts to complete one move, why not train that way.

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Tennis Coaching

Private and Group clinics available based on each players individual ability and age. Agility, footwork and strategy are the main components in each lesson and group clinic.

Manual Movement Therapy

About Locomotion Therapy

Eliminating Pain and Optimizing Function

It is my mission to help you get out of pain and injury and help you live and move better. The human body craves and needs movement to survive and when we develop pain as a symptom, the body is telling us that we need to change how we are moving in our daily life. If you find yourself in pain and injury and are training and living through the pain then Locomotion Therapy is just for you! I specialize in discovering the source of pain and finding the root of the problem, versus just treating the symptom. By repatterning the motor control center within your brain we can change compensatory movement patterns and recreate functional movement within your body. Once the pattern is identified, you will be given self care exercises to prevent the same patterns from returning, thus having results that last and get you living a healthy and happy life.

  • Get out of pain and injury and Remap Functional Movement

  • Prevent Reoccurring Injuries and Optimize Functional Movement

  • Hone your game and receive personalized coaching to reach the next level

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