September 23, 2015

Tennis Lessons and Series

Whether you are a beginning, intermediate or advanced player looking to raise your game to the next level, all lessons are designed to be a partner activity. In order to improve at the game of tennis, implementing a rally style format allows one to adjust to each individual bounce and adjust foot work accordingly.

Lessons and group clinics are structured around each skill level and include drills, partner activities and games to target the specific goal of the day or group clinic.

Singles and Doubles specific work is taught and encouraged in a group clinic setting. Private and group lessons are encouraged for each individual age group. Tennis is definitely a partner game and group participants are encouraged at each and every level.

The Youngsters: 6- 10 years old

For children 10 and under, it is very important to first implement basic hand eye coordination skills, followed by partner skills and activities. Children are taught the basic strokes of tennis, ready position and recovering from a stroke. The basic understanding of hitting and expecting a return is taught from Day 1.

Lower compression balls are used based on each child’s skill level. As the child improves, they are given a higher compression ball that allows them to increase the size of the court and move to the next level.

Juniors: 10 years old and up

Children in this age group are encouraged to participate in point play and partner specific training.  Fundamentals, footwork,  on court strategy and consistency are the main focus of this age group.

Adults: 18 and up

This age group may be further split up into different levels if you are currently playing in a USTA league specific to levels 3.0-3.5 and 4.0-4.5

Skills Taught:

Doubles Strategy

Singles Strategy


Agility and Footwork


At each and every level, practice is important. I highly encourage private lessons if you are a beginner to get the basics and or to take lessons with a friend for accountability.

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