September 22, 2015


Treatment Plan

Consider how much time it has taken your body to get to where it is now and allow yourself that time to introduce your body to a new normal and to learn new motor control patterns.

There are two major categories of pain including acute and chronic. Acute is considered to be from time of onset to a period of several months.

Chronic pain is considered to be from the time period of several months to years if left untreated.

Your treatment plan is based on your individual time line.  Consider the length of time you have been in pain, what levels of trauma that your body has been through and how long you have been dealing with your priority complaint.

For how long you have been dealing with this issue, is how much more time you need to allow your body to heal.

The effects of a single session can be eye opening to see what your body is capable of. With commitment to yourself, you can make leaps and bounds in a shorter period of time. Once we are able to crack your unique dysfunctional feed back loop of pain, we are able to introduce healthier motor control patterns and introduce your body to a new normal.

Think of your progress as slow and steady and as long as you commit to change and put in the work, you will allow your body to heal. This is not an I fix you, you fix me mentality. This is the beginning of an reciprocal relationship that allows your body to ultimately heal.


If you are a newbie, please give me a call for a quick 5 minute evaluation to see if we are a good fit at 808 280 6108

Please note that first-time clients may pay online or in person.

You will receive an email request to complete your Initial Client Intake form. This must be completed before treatment.

Be sure to wear comfortable athletic clothes to your session. I look forward to helping you on your journey to wellness!


Remember to wear comfortable athletic clothing to your appointment!


Location and Parking:

My office is located at the cross streets of Laguna and Carillo Street in downtown Santa Barbara. Parking is on the street. Be sure to give yourself enough time to park and find my office.

Please be aware my office is located on the second floor.