July 23, 2015

Functional Program Design

Prevention and Optimized Program Design

Your body works as a whole to create and transmit force. So why not train with your whole body. For example, while running you use both sides of your body to propel forward in movement. As this is true, you need to train your body as a whole and not in isolated parts in order to form a proper foundation.


With Locomotion Therapy you will be recalibrating how you move and learning how to use each of your body’s muscular subsystems to recreate these movements.

We will be incorporating the foundations of movement and exploring how to transfer force from one side of your body to the other in all planes of motion. We will be working from the ground up to create a basic foundation of strength and power in order for you to excel forward.

You will receive the guidance and assistance based upon client history, what has and has not been working for you, and your personal goals.  I look at the specific demands of your time including work, lifestyle and family. We will use what tools you have available to you including exercise equipment, gym  membership and indoor and outdoor home space.

Your Personalized Exercise Program will….

  • Improve joint mobility, balance, strength, power, motor control and breathing patterns throughout movement
  • Increase body awareness
  • Increase stamina and performance
  • Identify misalignments and compensatory patterns

What to Expect….

Your Program will include:

    • Initial and Ongoing Assessments
      • Static and dynamic movement assessment
      • Single leg balance assessment
      • Gait assessment
    • Exercises
      • Planes of movement: Sagital, Frontal and Transverse
      • Rotation
      • Power movements including lunges and squats
      • Movement exploration exercises
      • Sport Specific Movements
      • Building and increasing movement throughout progressive stages
      • Combining Strength with Mobility
    • Tools to take home
      • You will be given 1-3 exercises specific to your personal needs to be performed daily in between sessions
      • Your exercises will be put on video in order for you to do them properly on your own
      • You will be given cues for your given exercises
      • Once the video is complete you will be emailed the video directly
      • Home care exercises will allow your body to continue progress by increasing mobility and building a proper strength foundation.

With a solid foundation of movement, you will allow yourself to propel forward and be fully engaged in your mind and body. Move better and  excel forward.


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